Vulpes Electronics: Entwicklung von Firmware, mobilen Applikationen und Cloud-basierten Back-End-Systemen

Vulpés Electronics GmbH

  • Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android OS
  • Development of firmware for the control of sensor technology
  • Development and connection of cloud-based systems and the back-end infrastructure
  • Design of front-end and UI/UX
  • Data analysis, consolidation and evaluation


For the control of the electronics as well as the acquisition and processing of the sensor data a robust firmware is required. Vulpés is able to create the firmware for the control, monitoring and management functions and for programming data storage, processing, analysis and evaluation models. These are particularly necessary for intelligent applications where products and systems are to function autonomously or semi-autonomously.

Vulpés also has extensive expertise in software development for programming mobile applications for iOS and Android OS. The development includes among others:

  • UI/UX-Design
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Communication with external devices
  • Data analysis, consolidation and evaluation
  • Networking with IT applications, systems and products
  • Connection to server or cloud systems
  • Testing with different end devices
Vulpés Electronics GmbH
Einsteinstraße 1
24118 Kiel
Ansprechpartner / Contact Person: Rustam Ismailov