Verstricken von technischen Fäden

Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH

  • Production of functional, technical knitted fabrics
  • knitting of technical threads, e.g. conductive, thermoplastic, magnetic threads , piezo threads, basalt threads
  • Specialist for high quality knitwear

The PETERSEIM Group is a specialist for high-quality knitted fashion and the production of functional, technical knitted fabrics. In the field of technical textiles, products are manufactured for various industries such as the automotive industry, the aviation industry or medical technology. Among other things, PETERSEIM is able to knit technical yarns with specific material properties. In addition to conductive, thermoplastic, magnetic threads, piezo threads, etc., PETERSEIM has also processed basalt threads into an elastic, drapable textile surface for the first time and was honored with the Innovation Award for this at the TechTextil trade fair in Frankfurt/M. in 2017.

Produktbilder / product images:


Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH
Erfurter Str. 3
99974 Mühlhausen
Ansprechpartner / Contact Person: André Niemann